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 Hello!!! So my name is Polly.. My name is actually something else but I dont really like talking about personal stuff so y`all can call me Polly. I mostly play on but i started on .net however long story short i just started playing this version again. I have been playing this game for about 2-3 years. I am a dog breeder, and i help ugly, untrained dogs become beautiful again by giving them bonuses like fantastic coats and landscapes. I am a proud Christian and a homeschooler. I am very family oriented. I love animals, little kids, chocolate, guinea pigs, hamsters, and lots of other things that are so interesting that it would take forever to tell you all of it!! lol!!! I blog on here whenever i find time and i also read Bible verses sometimes and share inspirational quotes. So enjoy reading my page! I hope you like it! 



  Some Bible verses I like.....

(And inspirational quotes)

~I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.~

Philippians 4:13


~Its easy to rest my heart for a moment, but then i fear the waves of the ocean, O God help me surrender.~

Lyrics from "follow through" a song by 'Unspoken'












My Rules.....


-I do not accept random friend requests!

-I dont really accept any friend requests at all!

-I dont talk about my personal life or anything besides the game! 

-I dont like talking to strangers and if you pester me i will block you! 

-Dont spam my walls please!



   My Friends......

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  Vit was my 1st friend ever on this game and is one of my besties!! Shes amazing and shes always there to help me with the game or to just chat!


 Lidy is bright, Sweet, colorful, fun, and good to talk to!! Shes super amazing! She is definitely one of my best friends on here!! :)



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                         My blog......

February 16th 2019,

Hello Everybody! I am really in the "Gone with the Wind" mood so im gonna name alot of my dogs names from that movie!! As you see i have already named 1 of my dogs from there... "Tera" And im gonna keep goin! lol... 

February 22nd 2019,

Today my sister bought my family a mini love sac bean bag chair.. She has a giant one and decided to get us a small one!!  So it arrived today, it doesnt have the cover yet so its just dark gray but this is what its going to look like...

It doesnt come with a blanket but this is the color... She has this one...

Its this color.. 

In this size....

Its pretty big and comfy. Its the size where 2-3 people can fit in it. Anyway the one she bought us is a gamers chair.. For when your playing Wii or something... So my dog (Bella) has a small, penny size mass in her mouth, We took her to the vet last week and he said that we need to wait a week or 2, then see if it disappears, if it doesnt then we need to schedule an apt for him to put her under and abstract the mass, Then send it in for testing to see if its cancerous. Its been 1 week and 1 day and it doesnt look any better or smaller. It actually looks kinda bigger. Which is definitely not good.  So it could be cancer. For those of you who do not know. I own 2 dogs; Buddy, A pembroke welsh corgi who is 8. And a Bella, A st. Bernard who is also 8. Bella is my favorite, she is my sister, my best friend. I love her to death and i cant live without her. Please pray that she does not have cancer and the test comes back normal.

Thank you. Polly.

February 23rd 2019,

So Im watching 'I Love Lucy' while 'blogging.' lol... I thought that today i would share some of my 'joys' of learning French! lol... 

Bonjour mon amies!

Comment sont vous? Je un m bien. Mon chien "Bella" est bien a. 

Je vraiment vouloir une guinea pig. Mais mon parents ne pas donner moi un encore, Mais un journee ils volonte. Je avoir ete apprentissage French pour sur 2 months. Pouvez n`importe qui  comprehende quoi un m en distant? si alors poster sur mon mur!!

Au Revoir!  Dans French!

February 28th 2019,

Hello! So today im gonna give you some updates... 

Update on Bella: So The mass has not gotten any better so we set up an appointment with our vet to have it abstracted and checked for cancer or anything else it could be. The appointment is set for March 13th. A long ways out... Which makes me depressed cause i want it done and out of the way. Ill keep you posted..

Update on my Aunt: She is doing good! On the way to health hopefully!

Update on my Cousin: My cousin is doing well. March 3rd is her baby shower!! And we're excited to hear what the baby name is! Cause shes releasing the name on the baby shower!!
So i got these pictures off google images.. Im not gonna use my own pictures just because ive heard  that if you post pictures of your dogs people can track them and find you..? Creepy! So im just gonna give you the idea... This is Bella My st. Bernard dog... (Or what she looks like)

Isnt she just a doll?!!! Shes my favorite... Shhh but dont tell that to my corgi!! 

My Love Sac cover came!! Its gorgeous and fluffy!! It actually reminds me of the first time i pet Leo. His fur was so fluffy it felt like i wasnt petting anything..

March 2nd 2019,

Hello everyone.. So new news,  not very good news.

Yesterday night Bella Kept licking/ biting at something on her leg, so we went to go check it out and we found this quarter sized mass on the inside of her hind leg. It was bleeding in the middle and puss was coming out.. This is obviously not good. We called the ER for animals and she said to make sure shes not licking it and then we should call our vet tomorrow (today) So today we woke up early and called our vet.. No openings available today.... Ugg...... So a revelation was found! Instead of paying for 2 different vet trips we`ll combine her surgery and this leg checkup to make it 1 whole trip.. So Monday we are taking her in bright and early to get a checkup on her leg and then they are going to put her under and remove the mass in her mouth, then while theyre in there, theyre gonna clean her teeth... And possibly have to abstract a couple... 4-5 days later we will get the results back from the abscess in her mouth. Then well know if its cancerous.                         My poor little (big) Bella is gonna have a rough day :(

She will have to eat soft foods for awhile...  Im going to get her a pusheen dog toy... (at least i think its called pusheen... Hmm idk.. ) To remember this by.. As kind of a landmark. 

Anyway on to happier things.


 March 4th 2019,

so I wanted to give yall an update on Bella’s procedure today. 

Later i will 

March 5th 2019,

So yesterday i posted that ^. But i never had time to finish. 

So yesterday Bella had her surgery. She went in at 7:00 AM and we got her at about 4:00 PM. When we got her she was SUPER groggy. And she still is, but not as much as she was when we first got her. So to recap she got:

-a dental

-her mass in her mouth cut off and sent into the lab to check for cancer

-And this oozing, bleeding, sist on her leg checked out, which included them scraping, scrubbing, and i think they said cutting?? Idk.

So to make a long story short.... She is groggy but doing well. Mostly sleeping and whining. So the test results should come in sometime this week or so. Lets hope for the best.

March 7th 2019,

So results on Bella have come in. 

She doesn’t have cancer!!! The bump on her leg is a sibatious sist ( I don’t know if that’s the correct spelling.) but the mass in her mouth is something else.  But it’s not serious. At least not serious now!!! Very exciting news!! So I wanna talk a little bit about fear. So I think I’ve talked to you people about my issue with fear. I have a massive problem with fear. Like I fear almost everything. Tedious or huge. And no matter what I do that fear doesn’t cease. So to all the people who suffer with this here is some bible verses and quotes that have helped me trust God more and learn to let things be and to just BE. 

~ “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”
??2 Timothy? ?1:7? ?NIV??

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
??Philippians? ?4:6? ?NIV??

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.”
??Psalm? ?34:4? ?NIV??

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”
??Psalm? ?56:3? ?NIV??

I hope that helps at least somebody. :) 

sometimes when I’m afraid of even just something as small as getting a sore throat just reading Bible verses like these kind of put me to ease a little. And every little bit helps! And someday we’ll all be fearless if we continue to work on it and TRY. 

i suggest you get the Bible app!!! I have the Bible app and it works just great! You can even make it into pictures. Like this. 

I’ll post it later. I can’t get to my computer and for some reason I cannot post pictures right now. So I’ll have  to do it later.

March 12th 2019,

felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin deal...

half of me is SERIOUSLY shocked by this and half of me is like.  Yeah..... I figured. I don’t really know felicity huffman other than she’s married to William Macy and I know him from the movie “Sahara” but I don’t really know her, I really know Lori loughlin though and im so shocked!!! She has deleted her Instagram and Twitter. Her daughter Olivia has taken down her Instagram posts. This is incredible! But yet..... Lori loughlin seems like the kind of person who would do that for her kids.  It’s sad.  Erin krakow and Lori are good friends and I’m wondering how she feels about this and if she knows!?!?! I’m also wondering if Hallmark is gonna ban her from they’re movies and then what’ll happen to “When calls the heart”!!! Jack already died they can’t lose another big character!!! Uggg!!! 

This is very big news indeed. 

March 16th 2019,

Just wanted to say......


And i also wanted to say that my Cousin + baby are doing well so far.. Just a reminder... Baby is due April 27th. Exciting!!! 

And i also wanted to share with you guys my horse..

I was thinking about this the other day and i was like "hmmmmm....... Have i told them i have a horse??: So i answered myself.. "Nope i havent" Anyway i have a horse.. She is an appaloosa named Tasha. She is about.... aaaa.... 16 years old... I got her a while back.... She is white with brownishtan colorings all over. 

I also just wanna say that this whole Lori Loughlin thing is driving me nuts! They have cancelled When calls the heart until further notice, which means we cant see the new episode tomorrow!!! UGGGG! Hallmark channel has announced that they have fired her and are no longer associated with her in any way... Im really interested in what Erin Krakow has to say about all of this.... But shes not saying anything. :(

So tomorrow (St. Patties day) We are going to be having:

A breakfast feauturing:

-Green scrambled eggs

-Green pancakes

-Green milk

What ever else we can eat thats green! lol

Then for dinner we are eating:

-Traditional corn beef, cabbage, and red potatoes.

-With something green to drink.... Hmmmm... Maybe sundrop or something. Idk

Then for Dessert we are eating:

-a dyed green boxed cake with green dyed vanilla homemade frosting.

-And Green Milk!

For a movie:

We traditionally watch either:

-The quiet man



But i dont know for sure yet.

I hope you all have a happy St. Patricks day!!

 April 1st 2019,

I lost 140 lbs!!!!!!

Just kidding! Happy April fools day!  If i lost 140 lbs i would be dead lol! 

Tomorrow, April 2nd, is mine and Leo`s 2nd anniversary. Which means that i bought him 2 years ago on that exact day. And even though he cant be here with me I know he will be celebrating too. And all you haters who say i am ridiculous for taking a hamster to heart so much can go each chocolate and soybeans!

Lol. :)

April 4th 2019,

So i have decided to ask my parents for another pet. 

I am awaiting their response and will keep you guys posted. I have a feeling they might let me get a guinea pig this time!!

Just because this time i have my own room and etc. But none the less if they dont let me get a guinea pig im almost certain they`ll let me get a hamster and thats better than nothing!! I cant wait for their answer!!! At least ill have peace with the subject and not constantly thinking that theyre gonna announce that i can get one. 

Update on my Aunt: She is doing well and has been released and sent home!

Update on my Cousin: Her and baby are doing well counting down the days until the little girl comes! So just a reminder she is due April 27th but her doctor is going to be out of town that week so she said that he`s planning on inducing her a week earlier. She`s not gonna release a name until she comes so im super excited!!!

Please pray that the delivery goes fast and easy for her. Thank you!

April 6th 2019,

AHHHHH! this is killing me! I am expecting them to say yes or no at any second and theyre not saying anything!! UGGGG! I just wish theyd say something! Like :Oh we're thinking about it and well have an answer in the next 2 weeks" Or something!! ITS JUST AGITATING!!!!

April 8th 2019,

Sooo i have some big news!! My cousin had her baby!!!! She had her On Saturday (April 6th) She went out of state to go visit a friend and went into labor!!  What kind of luck is that?! They didnt have any baby supplies so are having to buy them there. They are still in that state and are going to be coming home soon.. Shes adorable!!! Her name is...... Drumroll please!!!.....

~Riley Ray~

AHHHH!! I dont really like the name but shes still really cute!! And its totally insane that she had her already!! She was due April 27th and she literally had her like 3 weeks early!! And in a different state no less! My parents still have not answered me on the whole pet thing.. and i warn you people it could be a VERY long time before they do!!

Im talking like months! But ive decided that if they dont answer me within....... a month im gonna ask them about it again... Like lets just say May 1st im gonna ask them again... Which ill probably lose my nerve cause i dont wanna sound like im begging or being impatient or ungrateful for all i do have already..... But.......aaaa..

April 9th 2019,

Ehhhh!!! Tomorrow we get to meet baby Riley!!! And im so excited!!! I cant wait to hold her!! :) Oh geez i hope she asks if we want to hold her :) Shes only 4 days old and i just cant wait!!

April 10th 2019,

Ok so today we held baby *Riley*  and she is a total doll!!!  I was dying!! and i got to hold her!! Ok first off.. she is a little peanut! like no joke she is THE SMALLEST thing i have ever seen in my life!!! She is 6 pounds 3 ounces. And super flippin small!!  And second she is the CUTEST baby!! I wont say shes the cutest baby ive ever seen cause i dont remember all.. Lol.. But shes definitely in the top 3! lol.. I cannot wait until we start watching her in the fall!! But im super sad that we have to wait until the fall :( My Dad is out of town so we are going to go visit her again next week so my Dad can see her and i just cant wait until then!! I hope i can hold her again!!! 

Psalm 127: 3 

~Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.~

April 16th 2019,

The most important holiday ever is coming up! In fact its this Sunday! 

This is literally The most important holiday ever! This is the day when Jesus rose from the grave. So this is how it goes..

It all starts this Thursday.

Maundy Thursday = The last supper, is when Jesus has one last supper with his apostles before the crucifixion.

Good Friday = The day when Jesus was crucified and died.

Easter Sunday = The day when Jesus rose from the grave and saved our souls!!! Amen! 

I know that sometimes being a Christian sounds super corny and sometimes when i say things like hallelujah, or amen, or praise God, I feel like i sound so corny or cheesy or etc. But its not. And whoever thinks "Wow, Thats childish or hick vill ish" Is a true jerk. Dont hide your Christianity just to please other people. People are gonna like you and people are gonna dislike you, No matter WHAT you do, So do the right thing and do what makes you happy no matter what anyone.. "accept for your parents and God." Have to say about it!  

I hope you all have an amazing Easter!! I probably wont be blogging all all until after Easter so God bless you and have a Amazing Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!

April 30th 2019,

So in honor of the Kentucky oaks and the Kentucky derby, which is this Friday and Saturday, i am naming all my new dogs after the horses which are running this year!

By the way the horse i am picking is Omaha Beach.. 

I picked him and then the rest of my family picked and then i saw the most beautiful horse ever! His name is Game winner.. He Is BEAUTIFUL! But sadly since i picked i cant switch my pick... But if i could  i would switch to Game winner. My family doesnt bet with like money but we guess and whoever wins gets a free dessert from somewhere.. So my horse pick for the Kentucky Oaks is Apple Lady. 

May 3rd 2019,

With the news of Omaha Beach being scratched my new horse pick is Game Winner..Poor baby... I hope he`ll be alright.. 

Sadly my pick for the Kentucky Oaks came in 3rd place... Lady Apple.. Serengeti Empress is actually the horse my sister picked... lol... too bad we dont actually bet money on these horses!! We might even be rich! lol.. Anyway so some interesting things i learned today while watching the Kentucky Oaks is that there is 4 different races..

So theres:

-The 'La Troienne' race which is for older female horses.

-The 'Turf Sprint' race is for older male horses.

-The 'Kentucky Oaks' is for young female horses

And last but certainly not least...

-The 'Kentucky Derby' is for young male horses.

I hope the weather isnt bad tomorrow for the poor horses :(

Check out this beauty ^ My pick :)

May 6tb 2019,

Ok I watched the Kentucky Derby and let me say that, that was bologna! Country House should not have won. Thats ridiculous! Sadly my horse lost by alot :( But he was still the prettiest!! 

The rightful winning spot should have been for War of Will. He was the one that got the most interference... And if you disagree watch the dang footage!!! Maximum security`s back legs were hitting War of Will`s front legs and chest.. And i absolutely hated Country Houses owner and jockeys attitude, It was ridiculous.. The rightful winner should have been either War Of Will or Maximum Security.... Just sayin..    

May 7th 2019,

so the premiere of when calls the heart came on Sunday And then the special yesterday. And let me just say that I love The new Mountie he’s so adorable with Elizabeth! Like his whole personality is just to cute and he’s not that terrible to look at either. 

May 16th 2019,

My best friend (in real life) just got a new dog named Charlie and he`s super sweet! he`s a bernese mountain dog/golden retriever mix and i love him to death already! HE`S FLIPPIN GINORMOUS! 

His paw is like the size of my head lol... Thats a little bit of exaggeration! But ya know! So just remembered that i havent given updates in a LONG time!

Update on my Aunt: She is home now resuming life as normally as she can and doing well..

Update on my cousin and baby Riley: My cousin is doing well... Lol.. shes a little worn-out, but other than that everythings good :) Baby is well also! As of now we are still going to nanny for her in the fall.

Update on "My Pet?": My parents still have not given me an answer about getting a pet... I was thinking maybe theyd give me an answer on national pet week but it came and went and nothing!

May 22nd 2019,

Spending some more time with my friend and her new dog "Charlie" and i just love him to bits.. I dont think Bella agrees with that sentiment.. lol.. she and Buddy are jealous.. Busy, busy, busy.... Super busy... Thats me. 

June 3rd 2019,

Ok before i do anything else i wanna write this....

~In loving memory of Muffin... June 3rd, 2019, is her 5th birthday~

For those of you who do not know, muffin, was my first hamster and she died on Christmas Eve 2016 when she was 3 years old.. she died of a tumor and suffered greatly from it, I know some of you peoples out there are probably laughing and yes, it does sound kinda corny, but,  any hamster parents out there who had a close bond with their animals understand and appreciate this. 

Anyway enough with the sadness! I wanted to share this..

So today my sister was seriously crabby!! Like CAARAAABBBYYY! And she called me a "religious drill sergeant" even though she meant that as a dis i took it as a compliment, that means im fully with God and am encouraging his rules!! HAHAHA! It may sting a little, but the benefits far outweigh the stinging!                                        Polly the religious drill sergeant!  (that has a nice ring to it!)

June 5th 2019,

Helloooo! Everyone!

Im awaiting to go to my cousins house to see baby Riley. :) Unfortunately we havent had much time to go and see her, but thank God for texting! 

Update on my Aunt: She is back in the ER she is not doing well again. You know, this whole story ive been telling you about my Aunt almost seems untrue because its so pathetic that she keeps getting better.... and getting worse.... getting better..... and getting worse.... But i assure you its real. 

I cannot believe baby Riley is 3 months old already! Good grief! 

June 11th 2019,

Well guys... The other day i posted something about how i was waiting in line to see my Aunt and how she wasnt doing well. 

So today i thought ide post an update on her and some information on the kind  of cancer she has.

So my for my Aunt this is the 4th time having cancer, 3 different kinds of cancer, This cancer is stage 4 non-hodgekins limphoma. Last week she was admitted into the hospital.. Now im not gonna give the whole lowdown. She was unconscious and completely unresponsive. This ER had completely ZERO idea what kind of things she had been through this past year and didnt understand the treatment that this "Special" Hospital had given her. They were complete and utter jerks and did malpractice, and they lied to us so a lawyer is going to be used in this thing, but, anyway they finally transferred her back to the "special" Hospital where they actually know things and are extremely nice, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Sadly i got a cold and couldnt be with my family to go the 2 hour drive to see her on (last) friday. My Mom stayed home with me cuz i was sick and couldnt do anythin. So at 2:00 in the morning my family packed overnight bags, picked up my aunts son and best friend (which are both also power of attorneys) and drove the 2 hour drive to the "special" hospital. They did not arrive to the hospital until a little after 4:00 in the morning.. Note: My family had not slept AT ALL before they left)  They wanted to say goodbye to my aunt cause we thought for sure this was her last day. By the time they came home (btw i was still dead of a cold and practially unaware of anything) they were beat... By the time they got to bed they had not slept in 36 HOURS! Good Lord.

finally on Monday i was well enough to go and visit my aunt thats when i posted that i was waiting at the hospital (2 hours away) my turn to see her, for what we believe is the last time.

She is in the CVICU.. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is the  cardiovascular intensive care unit. 

She is not well, and as it stands today she is still completely unresponsive, unable to breathe on her own.

We dont know why this is happening but i ask that, even if you arent a religious person, you pray for her and our family.. 

We are not ready for her to die.. 

She is like our Grandmother. and we need her.. 

Thank you so much for all the prayers youve already given for our family.


June 12th 2019,

Tomorrow my Aunt will go to heaven. My Dad went to go visit her today with my Aunts son and husband and it has been decided that tomorrow she will be taken off of life support. The test results have come in that she has significant brain damage that is not able to be fixed. So tomorrow she will be released, and free of pain. My heart is broken, there are so many things my Aunt will not be able to do with me in the future, amongst a very large list, she will not be able to dance with me at my wedding, not be able to see me walk down the isle, she wont be coming over for birthday partys anymore, she wont be there when i am expecting a baby, she wont be there to help babysit, she wont be able to go for coffee anymore, or go get pizza, (her favorite things) she wont be able to pester me,  (ill miss even that) her and her icewater, pepsi, coffee, pizza, her holland accent. She wont be able to go with me to holland when i go, like shes always wanted to. She wont beable to see her granddaughter (riley) ever. And i shall dearly miss all these things, even the disagreements weve had, or the most annoying things shes done. Miss it, i will.

I will probably need some time once this happens.

I probably wont be blogging for awhile after that.

June 26th 2019,

I have upgraded from here to instagram so i probably wont be blogging on here anymore.. I might come on here from time to time and blog but right now i seriously dont see myself on here very often in the future.

I wish everyone well.

Lidy when you come on here again give me a ring.


September 10th 2019,

Hey y`all! I havent blogged on here in forever!!! So i thought since i havent blogged since june ide post a little update..

So my Aunt passed away June 18th, my Dad stayed with her at the hospital for about a week, and was there when she died.. me and the rest of my family drove up each day to see her... which this was a 2 hour drive for us.. Im missing her terribly. Just last Monday (labor day) my Uncle (her husband) passed away.. his funeral was yesterday.. its really weird to go from having zero funerals all the time to all the sudden having 2 funerals in 1 year. So yeah... my family has gone through quite enough this for this year.. My parents are still trying to decide on whether i should get another pet or not.. I think theyre gonna say no again... but ya know. My best friend moved about a week and a half ago, and i miss her terribly. Schools starting. Im having some sibling issues... but, im sure everyone out there understands how that goes. Instagram is treating me well! I do not like the inappropriate scammers, but, other than that everythings going pretty good! I even talked my sister into getting one! I started a fab-fit-fun account and i like it pretty well, we started watching my cousins baby "Riley" and im loving it! (just not the getting up early part), I miss you all!! I hope youre all doing well! some people i know are getting a dog. Yikes, alot happens. And im only telling you guys the BIG stuff! 

Miss y`all and hope to hear from you soon! 






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 LidyGH - 6 months ago
Hey Polly. I'm so sorry about not being on. I'm so sorry for your loss too. I know it's late, but I'm praying for you. I miss you so much.   Comment
 pollyjolly25th - 50 years and 3 months ago:
Thanks Lidy.. Its totally fine.... I completely understand. im not expecting you or anybody to give up their REAL life and spend time on a computer.. I was just having an emotional day due to my Aunt.. And im sorry... Thank you so much for your prayers... I miss you too :) Sometimes it just feels like your friends dont really consider you there friend sometimes.. ya know? I guess ive just been burned so many times before that im expecting everybody on here to be exactly like all my other so called "Friends" Im sick and tired of giving all this "Sisterly love" To all these friends that i care about deeply just to find out that they dont really consider me their "Best friend" or even just there good friend.. Im not saying you guys do that. i guess im just rambling on.. lol.. In short.. Im sorry.. and i hope we can move past this is a positive way! I hope youre doing well :)  Comment
 LidyGH - 50 years and 3 months ago:
I'm doing okay I guess. And ramble all you want, I'll listen haha.  Comment
 pollyjolly25th - 50 years and 3 months ago:
Oh dear... Whats wrong?? Anything i can do to help? Awww thanks Lidy *-* Youre such a good friend!  Comment