Guided tour of the game: Your new dog

Take care of a dog and watch him/her grow up

Choose a new dog among 103 available breeds!

Dogzer gives you the opportunity to prove you know how to take care of a dog. For each of your actions, you will see that your dog's characteristics evolve. You will have to constantly keep each of them at a high level.

You will have to take care of your dog with a lot of love and tenderness for its whole life!

An educational and empowering game

In Dogzer, you must handle a budget of virtual money: the dogz'. This currency is used for taking care of your dog. You have to be responsible and careful not to spend all of your virtual money, to build savings, plan budgets and stick to them!

Dogzer encourages a responsible attitude and does not force you to come back every day to the game. If you can't play because of vacations, exams, etc, you will come back to find your game exactly as it was!

A dog is a huge responsibility, but Dogzer is still just a game, even if it seems close to reality. Do not try to reproduce any of the game's actions in real life.
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Dogzer - Your new dog
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