Take to the countryside with your English Pointer!

Take to the countryside with your English Pointer!

Picture yourself leaving at dawn to go hunting (or simply to go for a walk)in the unspoiled Highlands in the company of your faithful English Pointer… Well now you can, because it has come to Dogzer to join the long list of exclusive breeds available in the game.  

Perhaps you’re not much of a hunter? Don’t worry – the English Pointer is also a great pet.

Let’s learn a little more about this new addition to the world of Dogzer…

The English Pointer is attractive with a sporty and agile appearance. An average sized dog that is particularly robust, it is characterized by its long, arched neck, its raised nose, and its short, fine and silky hair.

Are you tempted? You will be even more so if we tell you that it is easy to train. The English Pointer is a balanced dog that won’t cause the Boston Tea Party. It is a very gentle family member and firmly attached to its master. Its round eyes will prove it to you every day.

The great news is that we are offering you no less than 4 magnificent coats for your new companions: black, lemon, liver and orange.
In other words, if you adopt several English Pointers, they will in all probability have different appearances.

We hope that you are convinced by now!

To adopt an English Pointer, nothing could be simpler: head for the Cave of Secrets, where your new friend is waiting patiently for you. It is accessible to all for 3Premz’, and members of Dogzer Club even benefit from a reduced price of just 2 Premz’! 

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