Adopt a Carpathian Shepherd Dog as part of the month of Romania!

Adopt a Carpathian Shepherd Dog as part of the month of Romania!

As you have surely noticed, Romania is the country of honor now on Dogzer and on all the games by Dreamzer Games. It’s a dream opportunity to complete your dogs’ collections with many items that are typical of this country and reminiscent of the famous legend of Dracula: traditional costume, bear, bat wings, spider, etc...

To top it all, today we are offering you the chance to adopt a new breed of dog that comes from Romania: the Carpathian Shepherd Dog. This is a robust and intelligent dog that will guard herds of animals and watch kindly over your family.

Have you fallen for this big dog and its magnificent appearance? Run along to the Cave of Secrets where the Carpathian Shepherd Dog is available to all for just 3 Premz'. And to make your shepherd dog feel right at home, it comes with the haunted castle exclusive background! This makes it remarkable in more ways than one, so don’t delay!

And once your new companion has settled into or next to its haunted castle, why not share its address in the comments and get some votes!

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