Free dog game: House decoration

In this free game, come organize this house which has only dogs living in it !
There are a number of dog accessories at your disposal.

You will find there 8 magnificent dog breeds, a number of couches for your dogs to relax on, dog bowls with dog food, cocktails for dogs, posters of dogs...everything a dog could dream of in his basket at night !

You can modify all the decorations and so you could really make this dog house into whatever you like, keeping in mind the comfort of your dog !

It's simply to modify the decorations. All you need to do is to use the left mouse button, select an object to put at the disposal of your dogs.
In this house where the dogs rule, only your creativity will allow you to get them out of their luxurious routine !

The House decoration dog game has already been played 5,781 times since it was added to the Dog games section.
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