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The results of the dogs in the dog shows are determined by:
- the dog's level in the specialty or specialities that are taken into consideration in this type of dog show (the level that could increase due to participation in the show, depending on the dog's place);
- the dog's state (health and/or strength, mood, cleanliness, etc.).

You can find the detail of the specialties and other characteristics taken into account on each type of dog show's page. The better these are, the better your dog's results will be.

Last but not least, hazard is also part of the shows, which gives them charm and originality! Hazard will always play a somewhat important role in the results.

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Specialty(s) put into play in this type of dog shows
 Agility     Speed     Jumping 
Category of a dog depending on its level in these specialties:
Level minimum 2%5%7%9%10%
Category of a show in relation to the difficulty of the trials:
Maximum difficulty 10 points30 points50 points70 points85 points
Number of dogs: Between 3 and 10
Number of shows: 1,021
Average difficulty level:58 points
Duration of a show: 1 hour


Hup ! Hup ! Faster... Very good!
Your dog goes through an obstacle course under your leadership. Playful and fun, this contest helps you train your dog. Nevertheless, you need to train hard in order to master it.
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 Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
 Breeder: Abandoned
 * Callisto *
 Breed: Cerberus (legendary dog)
 Breeder: Abandoned
 *Nukpana 420.10 [5th Prestige] **100%HS**
 Breed: Dingo
 Breeder: Abandoned
 *Pertessa 370.13 **100%HS**
 Breed: Cane Corso
 Breeder: Abandoned
 * Banshee 600.00 **100%HS**
 Breed: Dracula Sheepdog
 Breeder: Abandoned



  Event Description Difficulty
Dogwalk Less than 24'' wide   10 points
Fence jump The dog must go through it without trouble. Penalty given if it jumps up wrongly or jumps before !   10 points
Hurdle Hurdle with a height varying from 14'' to 24''   5 points
Long jump Jump from 16'' to 59'' with platforms in the center. Penalty if the dog steps on them.   7 points
Seesaw From 12'' to 16'' wide.   12 points
Slalom 12 upright poles separated by 24''. Penalty if refused.   7 points
Table The dog must jump onto it and pause for 5 seconds   10 points
Tire Opening of the tire from 15'' to 24''.   6 points
Tunnel From 118'' to 20 ft long and 24'' in diameter.   7 points
Wall Penalty if refused.   5 points