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The Most Obedient Dog Around!

Type: Obedience
Club: A Dog's Escape
Registration fee:  10
Ranking: 815th

  Event Description Difficulty Number
Absence The handler goes away and the dog must stay calm by itself   6 points 1
Distance position The judge tells the handler the positions that the dog must do and it must perform them 33 ft away   10 points 1
Heeling The dog follows its handler by walking next to him with or without a leash   7 points 1
Hurdle jump The handler asks the dog to jump over a hurdle performing a round-trip with or without retrieving an object   7 points 1
Recall The handler is 82 ft away, they calls their dog and it comes straight away.   5 points 1
Sense of smell and retrieving The handler puts an object 33 ft from the dog and the judge puts a similar one down. The dog must retrieve the right one from sitting position   8 points 1
Sociability The judge tests the dog's sociability by patting it   5 points 1
Stand, sit, down ! The dog obeys the handler's orders without mistakes while walking or standing still.   7 points 1
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Number of times participated: 236
First time: 12/02/2013
Last time: 05/09/2021
Wins: Array
Number of times in the Top 3: Array
Cumulated earnings: Array
Detailed results: 
Category: Class 3
Number of dogs: 3
Total earnings:  66
Belgian Malinois ##STADE## - coat 37
 June II
 Breed: Belgian Malinois
 Breeder: RoxyWolf
283 points 44
Siberian Husky ##STADE## - coat 677
 Breed: Siberian Husky
 Breeder: wertz3
266 points 22
German Shepherd Dog ##STADE## - coat 51
 Breed: German Shepherd Dog
 Breeder:  Zaknafein
249 points 0
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