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Everything you want to know about Miniature Dachshunds and more - from the history of the breed to training and buying accessories for these cute little dogs.

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By Georgianna on 12/16/2012
I have to put forward the truth in this. The information on is partly moral, no offense, for example this sickness, (IVDD) develops on mostly on big/large-spined dogs that have specialities in dogs sports e.g in German Shepherds, often used for military needs. This is because their training at the military/life-saving centers involve jumping up ramps, rolling and running, leaping between two ramps quite high up to the other, etc. This, sometimes, even for energetic German Shepherd dogs can be quite excessive, due to some rubbing and bending on back bones, mostly the spine when doing the exercise. IVDD rarely occurs amongst this generation of Miniature Dachshunds, because their skeleton is much more tight that large dogs, who have skeletons loosely connected. Thank you.

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