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  3. Breeding Partner Needed
  4. i have got a dog that i want to breed and i need more money
  5. Got 2 Female That Can Breed
  6. LOD Borzoi up for coverings!
  7. Afghan Hound X coverings up for grabs!
  8. Irish Setter males taking offers
  9. Breeding
  10. male dingo 50+ HS points, up for breeding!
  11. Breeding pugs upon request
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  13. Cost of breeding
  14. Wolf
  15. breeding
  16. Looking for a Basset Hound Breeding Partner!
  17. I want to breed my Wolf
  18. will of offer 2400 for a 80% hs male wolf to breed
  19. Breeding partner needed (Husky)
  20. 352.29 Breed Able Male Purebred CKC
  21. Many breeds up for breeding
  22. High Quality and capacity puppies upon request- Look inside
  23. looking for a female whippet
  24. American Akita
  25. Breeding
  26. Wanted Female American Akita to Breed
  27. female wolf ready to breed
  28. American Staffordshire Terrier
  29. American S. Terrier
  30. Male wanted/breeding partner
  31. scottish terrier male available RARE!!!!
  32. Male stud wanted
  33. Female dalmation available!!
  34. Wolf ★♥
  35. Neapolitan Mastiff Female Available To Breed
  36. My female wolf
  37. Male dalmation available
  38. **husky breeding partner wanted**
  39. BASENJI (male) needed for breeing
  41. i cant get my pup
  42. Border collie male wanted very soon for breeding
  43. need a partner POODLE
  44. Wanted Male Barbett For Breeding
  45. Is there anyone willing to HS train my dogs?
  46. High cap Czech up for breeding
  47. Female Cocker Spaniel (up for breeding)
  48. Yorkshire terrier male wanted!
  49. I nedd help on breeding
  50. ****need male king's cavalier asap****
  51. Male African Wild Dog looking for mate
  52. Looking For Male Samoyed To Breed With
  53. looking for cane corso male
  54. Looking for Male Pekingese To Breed With
  55. I have a female begal
  56. dalmation
  57. Need a male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to breed with.
  58. 3 LOD dogs breedable for 50 dogz
  59. **Bull Terrier covering available!**
  60. **Pekingese breedings available**
  61. ARIEGE POINTER available for coverings
  62. Male Mexican Hairless Dog Needed
  63. Purebred Cavaliers Needed!
  64. LOD Male American Akita
  65. Male German Spitz Needed
  66. Breeding Labrador Retrievers!!!!!
  67. LOD Male needed
  68. Wanted: Male Husky to breed with
  69. Breeding BC and Aussies
  70. Border Collie & Australian Shepherd Breeder
  71. Great Pyrenees covering needed
  72. I Have a Female Spanish Mastiff!
  73. German Spitz for breeding!
  74. Urgent
  75. Looking for Scottish Terrier
  76. hello
  77. Am staff stud required
  78. Looking for a High Quality Australian Shepard Stud
  79. Chamipon Great Dane in My Eyes
  80. looking for a boy dog
  81. female yorkie plz?
  82. Special Christmas Stud Prices
  83. Many Breeds Of Dogs up for Breeding
  84. ISO: Male Dogo Argentino
  85. male purebred Siberian Husky offered
  86. Looking for a female Corgi
  87. Whippet
  88. American akita
  89. Pekingese Males On Offer To Breed With ~ Very Cheap!
  90. Breeder and Male needed
  91. male aussie
  92. Various pure bred male dogs up for breeding/ $100-$500 each.
  93. Looking for a male corgi
  94. ISO American staffordshire terrier
  95. Purebred male toller needed!!
  96. Husky Looking for a Female!
  97. Have some dogs for breeding
  98. Six Purebred Male Studs For $50 Per Breeding
  99. PB Afghan Covering - Great Offer while Premz Special On!
  100. Male pug needed
  101. Breeding offer! Purebred!
  102. My american staffordshire terrier
  103. Whippet need!
  104. female wolf needed
  105. Siberian Husky-Male wanted to breed with
  106. Dingo Male Needed
  107. Siberian Husky
  108. Looking For a Male
  109. Westie Needed
  110. GSD female, Dingo females, and Aussie female
  111. Willing to breed Labradoodles on request!
  112. Looking for a male Groenendael Belgian Shepherd
  113. Corgi Breeding Needed
  114. Irish Terrier Cover
  115. Dingo needed
  116. Error
  117. Looking for a male Westie
  118. Bernese hound males for breeding
  119. Searching for a Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier or Cocker Spaniel Stud
  120. Mongolian Bankhar Needed
  121. Looking for a male PB Anatolian Shepherd
  122. beagle
  123. male beagle needed
  124. Comdian Razorback dog needed.
  125. Toller needed!
  126. Male Siberian Husky Needed
  127. *wanted* dogs born on 4th december
  128. Private Males Breeding
  129. ISO Icelandic Sheepdog
  130. Male Groenendael Wanted
  131. Looking for a female Siberian Husky
  132. Looking for... Breeding partners
  133. Male Wolf And more