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Dogzer rules: Amended 6th February 2013

To keep Dogzer a clean place to be the following things are NOT permitted. These rules are enforced everywhere on Dogzer - not just the forums. Forms of communication (breeder pages, wall posts, PMs, even dog names or club names) including this content will be removed, and will automatically result in the three strikes policy (see here: http://www.dogzer.net/forum/f35/impo...policy-t21090/)

- Recognize the authority of moderators and administrators and abide by all requests made by these parties. This includes not re-opening a thread that moderators or administrators have already closed - there is a reason they do this.

- Posting any offensive or sexual messages of any kind. This includes: profanity, disgusting or violent situations, insults/harassment of players, hentai, sexual orientation, sexy pics, sexual symbols (especially symbols that represent male or female body parts), or any kind of *naughty* talk. (and using spaces, symbols or creative spelling to try to hide those words is not fooling anyone.)

- Dogzer is not a dating agency: Do not post any offensive or sexual messages, including while role-playing as your pets. This also includes sexual role-play, advertising dating/mating/marriage websites, or chat boards for you or your dog. We do not condone the posting of message boards that invite other users for *naughty" or *hot* chats or other such inappropriate offsite activity, even by implication.

- You may not sell, trade, give or buy a Dogzer account for dogz, money, or anything else. Do not ask people to share an account with you, or offer to share yours. Do not ask or offer passwords either.

- You may not offer web design (such as making banners, dolls,blinkies, guild layouts, etc)or other services to earn money, dogz etc. You are welcome to create these, so long as they are given to others for FREE.

- Do not ask for passwords or attempt to gain access to other peoples accounts in any way (such as asking people to change their email address to your email address). Dreamzer will NEVER ask for your password. Likewise, never offer personal information about your account, or your personal information - not only is it against the site terms & conditions, but it's also extremely dangerous.

- Any kind of password scamming including: Posting any website that asks for passwords, fake login pages, or anything that tells you to change your email address

- Do not spam the message boards, group boards, or other site areas. This includes Chain Letters of any kind or multiple threads for the same purpose. Furthermore, do not bump your topic within twenty-four hours of your last bump unless it is off the first page of the forum section it is in.

- Do not harass a user through PM or any other system. Treat all users with respect on all areas of the Dogzer site and do not initiate or participate in any flame-baiting or harassment of another user. This is also inclusive of: Behaving aggressively, demeaning others, using snide comments, pasting private conversations as a means to "expose" another player, bossing others around and more generally mini-modding without consideration and respect for other players. You have all the leisure of speaking of others in a positive light but anything negative can and will probably be related to defamation. Defamation is punished by law in most countries

- Use correct grammar and capitalization wherever possible on all areas of the site and refrain from using chatspeak. Avoid extensive character repetition (emphasis on something doesn't require a huge amount of exclamation marks) and avoid extensive smiley repetition (think about other players that have to read your posts). Also refrain from using excessive use of fonts/colour/size and ALL CAPS/aLtErNaTiNg CaSe

- Review all stickied threads in the "Help" forum prior to posting a question in said forum

- Refrain from posting "wanna-be Mod threads". If Dreamzer feels that another mod is required, the existing moderators will be approached first to ascertain if this is indeed the case. Then Dreamzer will contact YOU if they think you should be made a moderator. If you want to know more details, see here: http://www.dogzer.net/forum/f35/what...rs-how-t19718/ Creation of threads complaining that you are not a mod, or asking everyone if they think you would make a good mod, is not helpful to anyone, and does not get read by the admin team.

- Refrain from posting negativity, including 'Should I quit' threads, 'I hate Dogzer' threads/pictures etc. If at any time you don't like the game/no longer wish to play, there is a 'close account' button - simply leave. There is no need to create drama unnecessarily.

This list isn't exhaustive.
Please note that we reserve ourselves the right to make modifications to the above list without any forward warning.
We will also apply sanctions to things that are not listed here if we deem it necessary.
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