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Hello everyone,

1409natalia and I are starting a new breeding for Labrador Retrievers!
We breed:
~ LOD labrador puppies
~ From purebred show winning parents
~ Comes from a good line of lovable Labs
~ Puppies that excel in retrieving
~ "Mum" and "Dad" dogs with at least 50% HS
~ Puppies with no less than 351 capacity!

Our plans for the future:
~ Puppies with more than 353 capacity
~ Pups born with instinct/ double instinct bonus
~ Championship winning parents
~ Puppies with more than 5 inborn level

We plan to have our first litter within this week with our first batch of well-trained "mum" and "dad" dogs
Click on either one of the links below if you are interested in our upcoming litters
1409natalia's breeder page ~ http://www.dogzer.net/dog-breeder/985517-1409natalia/
labrador.88's breeder page ~ http://www.dogzer.net/dog-breeder/3084347-labrador-88/

- Mistystream37 -
An animal enthusiast who's a professional procrastinator!
Breeding Labradors, Border Collies and Wiredhaired Pointing Griffons.
Dogzer Breeder since 18th January 2014.
Visit my breeder's page and vote for Eternity Lucy today!

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