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Male dalmation available! comes from a great mother and father, purebred. Prices are from 250 to 350 dogz. Its truly worth it. Its mother has had two puppies so far including it, male and female. An incredible dog will become of your dogs puppies if she breeds with Bailey!
Visit Baileys page, to see for yourself, his mothers ( missie ) to see what shes like and what your puppy could become of, and visit Missie's other puppy Sasha, Sasha was bred between missie and a golden retriever and Im impressed with her. A dalmation is suitable for any kind of dog. But Id persuade you not to pick Bailey to breed with if your female is a small dog, dalmations are rather large as ou probably already are aware of.
Good luck with your puppies even if you decide not to let your female breed with Bailey. If you are considering breeding with Bailey then private message me about it. Ill be more than happy about it!
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