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Cobbler Answers

Note: Getting the answers for the certificates from the forums does not constitute cheating - it is even encouraged by the site in the Help section and on the certificates page

What is the main reason that encourages us to have a dog?
The love one has for animals

Dogs most commonly found in houses are generally:
Small size dogs

What percentage of dogs are living in the countryside?
Between 50 and 70%

Are dog accessories and gadgets more and more frequent these days?

It is advised to use a harness for a dog who has backache:

These days, you could find anything to take care of your dogs in dog shops:

When my dog is 5 years old, in human years he is approximately:
36 years old

Dog owners are mainly:

The harness also has drawbacks such as:
Causing wounds and tangling the hair

Harness wearing is advised for reasons mainly linked to:
The dog's anatomy

What is the collar's main purpose?
All of these things
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