You can convert one or several premz' into dogz' at anytime.

The number of dogz' you'll get depends on:
- your experience:  10 more for every extra presence day;
- your reputation in the game:  1 more per reputation point.

For members of the Dogzer Club, this gain is increased by 20%.
If you don't have many dogz' left, you have to credit some on your account.

-The easiest way is to credit dogz' thanks to premz'. Note that for each additional presence day, you get 10 dogz' more when crediting with 1 premz'.

There are other ways to get dogz':
-By converting premz' into dogz'.
-By finding a well paid job in a kennel club.
-By finishing among the best during dog shows.
-By performing specific actions that directly get you dogz'.
-By opening a kennel club and earning a wage.
-When you sell your dogs.
-When you wish to publish a breeding offer.
-By exploring the game leisurely and finding surprises.
-By playing the games and contests organized by the website administrators.
-By sponsoring your friends and encouraging them to play Dogzer.
-And many other ways!
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