The behaviorist will improve the relationship between master and dog and create a deeper bond between them !

How many Behaviorists are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Keeping a ratio of one behaviorist for every 20 dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking.

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Information about the behaviorist profession.

Behaviorist, or the creator of bonds between master and dog

A behaviorist is someone who gives advice to pet owners, mostly dog owners. The behaviorist’s job is similar to that of a dog educator. Behaviorists have a good knowledge of animal science, physiology, biology for all breeds in their specialty, as well as psychology and sociology. A behaviorist knows how domestic animals learn things.

Having completed training centered on the study of dog behaviors and psychology, a behaviorist’s work consists of mending the weakened relationship of a master and their dog. Behaviorists are able to analyze the behavior of an animal against their environment. They give advice to the master on the rules needed in everyday life in order to adapt the environment to the needs of his/her dog, and encourage a harmonious life together. The behaviorist informs the master of the ethological needs of his/her dog, behavior to adopt towards it to ensure the physiological and psychological well-being of the animal and to avoid possible problems. The work of a behaviorist aims to improve the relationship between master and his/her domestic animal by trying to form a deeper bond between them.
Even though the jobs seem to be similar, a behaviorist is neither a dog educator nor a vet. Behaviorists study relationships between animals, environments and surroundings, allowing him/her to understand the influences of these things on the dog’s behavior. What’s more, the behaviorist has to guide the master towards the appropriate professional if the case goes over his/her skill set.

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