The cobbler has a support role within the kennel club, he/she will be able to repair your collars and leashes for free !

How many Cobblers are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
Having a cobbler permits you to offer the free accessories repairing for the members of the kennel club.

Keeping a ratio of one cobbler for every dogs helps your kennel club climb the ranking!

The cobblers of the game

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  • Cobbler Needed!

    Author: vihuff

    Hello, I run the Polished Paws Kennel club. I really need a cobbler since I'm without one. I'd love to be able to keep providing the cobbler service to the dogs we look after.


    Polished Paws Read more

  • Instructors - Groomers - Cobbler - Vets needed

    Author:  karibari

    STILL HIRING! The Cavendish Hills Club is Now Hiring and we'd love to have you join us! Dog Instructors 70/day Groomers 105/day Cobbler 115/day Vets 125/day CERTIFIED only Apply... Read more

  • Cobblers Needed

    I have two Cobbler positions open at Cavendish Hills and I pay well - 100 dogz/day. If you're a certified Cobbler and need a job, please join us! Read more

  • My club looks for a cobbler - 120/day - 21 days

    Author: Cliquotte

    Hello I have a new club: The Razmokets/ Full options but I've no cobbler for beginning 120 dogs/ day contract: 21 days Thank you in advance and have a good day I have my cobbler My club is... Read more

  • Hiring - Vet, Groomer, Instructor, Handler, Cobbler

    Cavendish Hills Kennel Club is expanding and hiring: Excellent Pay for: Vet Groomer Dog Instructor Cobbler If interested and you have the appropriate Certification for the position you are interested in, you can accept the job posting on the... Read more

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Information about the cobbler profession.

Cobbler : the canine accessories specialist

A cobbler is a craftsman who specializes in leather. Traditionally, a cobbler is the person who makes and repairs leather shoes, boots, clogs and slippers. We also call them “Shoe Menders”. In the canine world, the cobbler is the only person who specializes in leather. Their role is to mend the kennel clubs’ collars and leashes. Here, making and repairing canine accessories are not just complementary services but they make up an entire profession.

In this way, the cobbler plays an important supporting role in a kennel club. In a kennel club, all you need is a cobbler to be able to offer free repairing of canine accessories. To do a good job, the cobbler uses the traditional cutting and working with leather tools. The kennel club’s cobbler is chosen and recruited by the directors of the club.

Other than making and repairing canine accessories, cobblers are also able to hand out advice on choosing models and manufacturers. Choosing which manufacturer is essential in that if this isn’t chosen wisely than certain accessories could hurt the dogs. Cobblers are able to give advice on the materials, quality and strength of these accessories.

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