The groomer will clean and doll up the club's dogs from head to paw!

How many Groomers are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
To open a dog grooming salon, you must have at least 1 groomer.
Afterwards, you must keep a ratio of 1 groomer for 20 dogs in order to let your dog grooming salon continue operating.

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  • Groomer and Vet

    Author: Freedom223

    Do you have to have passed the groomers certificate to open a grooming salon and the vets certificate to open a clinic.I've just opened my kennel and was wondering if I would be able to supply anything for grooming or the vet if I don't have them... Read more

  • Can't increase Cleanliness by going to the Groomer

    Author:  karibari

    Problem just started about 15 minutes ago. While training my dog, I took the dog to the Groomer, The dog's daily events show an increase of 29%. However, the Cleanliness BAR at the top of the Page doesn't change. I've tried updating the page, but... Read more

  • Looking for a Groomer

    Author:  karibari

    Groomer needed for Cavendish Hills Kennel Club: maximum pay! Please do not respond if you don't have your Dog Groomer Certificate already.

    Thanks everyone!
    karibari Read more

  • Need a dog Groomer for the Terri Kennel Club!!!

    Author: Katebackhouse

    Hi if interested please contact me. Thanks!!!! Read more

  • Loyal Groomer Wanted

    Author: vihuff

    Hello, I run the Polished Paws Kennel club. While I've been getting staff here and there I'd really love to get a Groomer that would stick with us, rather than someone who goes job hopping. I'd love to be able to keep the vet service open for the... Read more

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The Cavendish Hills Club  karibari 1

Information about the groomer profession.

Groomer: the specialist in canine cleanliness

A groomer is a specialist in hygiene, cleaning and health and beauty care for pets and domestic animals. Groomers also know the special characteristics of each dog breed and adapt their treatments accordingly.

The dog groomer career is a full-fledged profession on its own. It's a profession recognized by the state. You can get this title following a two year theoretical and practical training course. At the end of this course, the apprentice could be offered a trainee contract. Dog grooming is an authentic beauty career.

In kennel clubs, groomers ensure not only the cleanliness upkeep but they also contribute to the well-groomed appearance of the dogs. To do this, they clean by brushing, washing, untangling and drying the dogs. They also clip or even wax the dog, all while respecting the different characteristics of each race. What's more, there are different fashions for the clipping and designing the coat for each dog breed. To carry through with this service, the groomer uses shampoos, anti-parasite and anti-flea products, grooming materials in accordance with the current standards or the needs of the client.

Wearing a professional outfit, the dog groomer sees clients in in a specialized clinic, a vet clinic or a pet grooming salon. There, the groomer cleans and pampers the dogs in the club from head to paws, completely respecting hygiene and safety.

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