The vet is essential to cure the wounds and illnesses of dogs registered in the kennel club

How many Vets are needed in your kennel club's workforce?
To open a veterinary clinic, you must have at least 1 vet.
Afterwards, you must keep a ration of 1 vet for 20 dogs in order to let your veterinary clinic continue operating.

The vets of the game

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  • Instructors, Groomers & Vets, we want you

    Author:  karibari

    Hi all, Cavendish Hills in currently looking for: 4 Instructors 3 Groomers 2 Vets If you have the necessary Certificate for one of these jobs and would like to apply, just click on the link to the Cavendish Hills Kennel Club... Read more

  • Instructors - Groomers - Cobbler - Vets needed

    Author:  karibari

    STILL HIRING! The Cavendish Hills Club is Now Hiring and we'd love to have you join us! Dog Instructors 70/day Groomers 105/day Cobbler 115/day Vets 125/day CERTIFIED only Apply... Read more

  • Welcome to the Vets Club club!

    Author: Incredible7

    Incredible7 welcomes you to the forum of his/her Vets Club club, created on 28th November 2011. This forum allows you to discuss with Incredible7 as well as the other members of the club Don't hesitate to: - consult the club's page to learn more: ... Read more

Information about the vet profession.

Vet: the animal doctor...

Vets are to animals what doctors are to humans. Vets are specialists in medicine which covers animals and their surgery. To be a vet, you have to do a university course in Veterinary Medicine receiving a Veterinary Physician diploma at the end of this course. This certificate lets you practice medicine and surgery on animals, whether it's pets or wild animals. Vets offer their services either at their home or in a specialized private clinic.

At first, vets worked mostly with livestock in rural areas, such as cattle, pigs, horses, etc. Now days, vets work more and more with pets in urban areas. One of the animals taken the most often to the vet is the dog. In fact, vets play an important role in treating dog illnesses and injuries. The vet is responsible for keeping dogs belonging to kennel clubs healthy and in good conditions. The vet prevents illnesses, allocates treatment for them and operates on them if necessary. In this context, a vet's main function is to improve the health of dogs registered in kennel clubs, to optimize their recovery from injuries and to help with their rehabilitation.

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