Kennel club: Hopeful Thinking

Hopeful Thinking

Creation: 08/01/2013
Owner: skysky10
Overall Ranking: 37th
Club Dogz' : Array
Hello everyone! Thanks for considering putting your dog in are care, we promise they will be well cared for! 

We hope that you will leave your dogs in are care, right now we have no salon or Vet Clinic but I promise they will be here soon! 

Again I hope you will leave your dogs in our kennel club, we promise you they will be well taken care of! :)

-Employee Jobs-
-All employees must do the take care of button-

Professional Breeder- Ask dog for Paw

Dog Handler- Take a quick look at dog.

Dog Educator- Compare dog with breed standard.

Dog Trainer-Whistle for dog

Groomer- Pamper dog.

Vet- Teach dog a command.

Behaviorist- Strengthen bond with owner and dog.

Dog Judge- Examine dog.

Cobbler- Check dogs accessories.

President of Breed Club- Check dogs teeth.

It would be awesome if employees could do there jobs every day, but if not I understand sometimes people are busy. 


No dog.