Dog breeder rankings by number of xP points

A mission consists of carrying out an action within the game one or more times.

When you validate a mission, it earns you various rewards, in particular xP points, thereby increasing your status within Dogzer.

Each mission is part of a quest that groups together other missions with the same theme.

A quest is a group of missions related to a single theme.

To complete a quest, you have to validate each of the missions that are part of it. They can be validated in any order.

Each quest has a page on which you can visualize all of the missions it contains, as well as your progress: the missions already validated and those that remain to be carried out.
You can also visualize the total number of xP points that the missions in this quest will earn you.
Dog breeder rankings by number of xP points
Place Breeder Country Evolution Points
Sneasel   Sneasel
 Majority breed: Samoyed
 0 4,874
karibari   karibari
 Majority breed: Ariege Pointer
 0 4,595
agapegrace   agapegrace
 Majority breed: German Shepherd Dog
 0 4,585
4 thegoodgoddess  thegoodgoddess
 Majority breed: Coton de Tuléar
 0 4,364
5 ChanelSea  ChanelSea
 Majority breed: Siberian Husky
 0 4,270
6 JayZX535  JayZX535
 Majority breed: Siberian Husky
 0 3,860
7 Bullet22  Bullet22
 Majority breed: Labrador Retriever
 0 3,825
8 vihuff  vihuff
 Majority breed: Australian Shepherd
 0 3,815
9 wertz3   wertz3
 Majority breed: Alaskan Malamute
 0 3,784
10 pinkey280  pinkey280
 Majority breed: Irish Wolfhound
 0 3,749
11 1409natalia   1409natalia
 Majority breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
 0 3,735
 Majority breed: German Shepherd Dog
 1 3,625
13 Frost1232   Frost1232
 Majority breed: Groenendael Belgian Shepherd
 -1 3,620
14 RoxyWolf   RoxyWolf
 Majority breed: Irish Wolfhound
 0 3,614
15 ceile2hoshi  ceile2hoshi
 Majority breed: Chihuahua
 0 3,614
16 BanAnna  BanAnna
 Majority breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
 0 3,539
17 Ragester  Ragester
 Majority breed: Tibetan Mastiff
 0 3,500
18 baci1114  baci1114
 Majority breed: Cocker Spaniel
 0 3,475
19 much225   much225
 Majority breed: Border Collie
 0 3,425
20 Kiwigal  Kiwigal
 Majority breed: Siberian Husky
 0 3,409