Kennel club rankings

The official rankings of the kennel clubs are based on many criteria, and is a good indicator of the quality and popularity of each club.

The aspects taken into account include the number and average level of dogs belonging to the club, the ratio between the number of employees and the number of dogs, the services offered by the club, the overall attractiveness (frequency & earnings paid) of shows organized by the club, etc.

The other rankings tell you the position of the kennel clubs for a specific criteria: wealth (amount of progress stars), number of dogs, number of employees, quality of the services provided, etc.
Kennel club rankings
Place Club Majority breed Evolution Points
House of Hobbits, NZ  House of Hobbits, NZ
 Owner:  Sneasel
Samoyed  0 513.663
Agape Kennels  Agape Kennels
 Owner:  agapegrace
German Shepherd Dog  0 427.773
 Dearmon N´a´shezbaernon
 Owner:  Zaknafein
German Shepherd Dog  0 357.813
4  Ruffian7's Kennel Club
 Owner:  ruffian7
 0 355.148
5  Running Dogs
 0 355.106
6 Israblof  Israblof
 Owner:  sakuratale
 0 345.438
7  Fallen Angels
 Owner:  Animagus101
 0 334.341
8 doggiez  doggiez
 Owner:  dogz3452
 0 322.13
9 Carmichael Industries  Carmichael Industries
 Owner:  RoxyWolf
Carpathian Shepherd Dog  0 321.891
10 ~Shepherd Care Center~  ~Shepherd Care Center~
 0 306.841
11 Skaia Kennels  Skaia Kennels
 Owner:  sonicolors1
Whippet  2 290.755
12  The Golden Companions Club
 Owner:  donzer99
 -1 289.733
13 The Cavendish Hills Club  The Cavendish Hills Club
 Owner:  karibari
Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  -1 288.237
14  Alpine Kennels NZ
 Owner: Kiwigal
 0 263.07
15 The Aussie Dog Club  The Aussie Dog Club
 Owner:  dogsonthego
 0 262.193
16  Lux Dogs
 Owner:  germanshepherdlover54
Peruvian Hairless Dog  0 257.195
17 The Great Ones  The Great Ones
 Owner:  DogzerChick
 0 251.894
18  Winter
 Owner:  Hyeina
 0 245.923
19  Best in Show
 Owner: Alayta
 0 223.823
20 Dawnguard OG  Dawnguard OG
 Owner: Shadowthegreytwolf
 0 217.836